katecolburn I am an attorney turning back home to being an actor and a writer.

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  1. So I am told that social media is the key. I love working with and meeting my fellow actors, casting directors, agents, managers, directors and the full creative lot face to face. Change has come. I freely admit I go to therapy in part to entertain my therapist. A one woman, interactive show. He, my therapist, is very good, the best and very serious. I enjoy making him blush. Strange, but true.

  2. It finally spring and New York City. Tomorrow, woe is us, it dips back into the 50’s. Learning so much. Wonderful Improv Class taught by Commercial Casting Director Stacy Gallo. She is fun, caring to each individual and has a great eye for direction. Feel at home.

  3. Heard a teleconference yesterday between two professional actor “advocates”. Part of the reality? You must get before a casting director at least 7 times before they like, trust and know you. So…take 7 workshops with 10 casting directors and you are set. Investment? About $10,000.00. Just the kind of money most actors have lying around. Wow. I find that literally all casting directors are creative and supportive to actors. On another note I just heard about reverse bungy jumping. Mmmmm…I pass.

  4. This message appeared on my FaceBook – “Maybe it is not what you’re doing, it’s who you are being.” I ask. Is not the act of being, the act of doing. Actions reflect who we are. This quote is what I call a topsy-turvy.

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