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Reading a Book and Trying it Out

The Book is “The Surrender: An Erotic Memoir” by Toni Bentley.  She danced with Balanchine’s New York City Ballet for ten years.  From just the title I know my friends will go, Alright here she goes again! Another romp with “Fifty Shades of Grey!”  Well, first this book was written will before “Fifty Shades” and second it is not the romp I want to write about.  As a middle class woman with her middle of the road sex life; I was just curious about one behavior of the writer.  She shaved herself, “down there” with baby powder and a fresh razor.  Not water, not lotion, not shaving cream, but baby powder.  I am a curious individual. The author never explains her technique.  Just that she does it.  Each time with baby powder. Each time a fresh razor.  So I tried it.  No bumps.  All seems well.  And that is all I have to say.  You will have to read the NYT reviewed book yourself.

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Yellow Pages

I live in a town. A small town. On the cover of our Yellow Pages are three members of our local university football team who have obviously just finished a successful play.  How do I know this.  The player in the center of the picture, number 26, is looking up pointing skyward.  I do not think he is pointing to the Good Year Blimp.  I believe he is pointing to “thanks be to God.”  Now it may just be me, but the pointing upward sign so oft used in USA Sports seems a Christian sign.  So it should be that a man has the right in this country, America, to express his own particular religious beliefs.  I have no quarrel.  I do question that a corporation puts such a specific religion on the cover of their telephone number publications. I make my own sign at the cross.  But at&t?

I live in a small town where the local postal workers know my name and P.O. Box number.  Thus the postal workers know when I have had a particularly bad month with Ebay.  My buying cycle with Ebay definitely cycles with my happy times vs. sad times. Buying, which is hard to confess, is a balm. This month must be good.  When I came in to pick up my post; I was greeted with “not so much in the mailbox this week”, followed by tweets of laughter.  I laughed too.  My only thought?  “Oh, I must be less depressed.”  Good to have such an objective monitor.