katecolburn I am an attorney turning back home to being an actor and a writer.

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July 13, 2015. It is seven o’clock. Evening. Ninety degrees in Carrboro, North Carolina. The sun is not yet down.
I water the garden. A garden that is turning brown.
Flopping irises, the droop of the oat straw, the new cedar struggles to stand.
I water the garden. Fire flies start to appear, birds move closer and
the mulch holds the water near.
I water the garden, watching droplets form on tips of green.
When I was six my sister Molly told me the droplets your earrings for the fairies of the garden.
I believed her then. I believe her now. As more water pours into the soil and the surface comes alive.

Author: katecolburn

Born and raised in the desert of Arizona, I moved to New York City in my 20's to pursue acting. I have a B.A. in Theater from Arizona State University. Life took me down to Florida where I enrolled in the Masters of Film Production Program at the University of Miami. Then I accomplished my Law Degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Law School. I practice Family Law and subsequently became a Judicial Magistrate handling Small Court Claims and Criminal Matters. Now I am back to New York City and the Paris of the Piedmont, Carrboro NC - acting, writing and loving improv!

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