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Azdin in Morocco

I met him on Facebook. After years of being on Facebook; Azdin is the first person I met. I am glad I did.

Azdin lives in a small town, the name I will not reveal for his anonymity. It is in the cliffs, about 20,000 people. The town came to life as a salt mine, and according to Azdin, as the salt died so goes the town. Another word for such a town is poverty. No work.

Azdin has some college education. He speaks classical Arabic and English. He pleads that all he wants is to work hard in America and escape Morocco. Morocco, the land that I have always found mysterious, romantic in my dreams. For him it is a place of entrapment. Arranged marriage. Living with his mother and father. A sister. A brother. And no productive work. He believes in G-d. Is it a G-d that has betrayed him? I do not know.

Azdin’s plan is to get to America by meeting an American woman on the Internet. Falling in love. Long distance. Having her pay for his travel to the States where he will work hard at any job and be a good husband.

I was to be one of those women. He is 20 years old. I told him I have a son of 22 years old and was happily married; his tactic had to switch. I believe no evil intent of this man. I believe, like many caught in poverty, his search is to escape. It is no wonder so many turn to militancy. A gun in hand, a purpose in the heart to destroy that which is perceived to keep them down. Be it America or their own country.

For Azdin the boredom eats away at his spirit. He does not leave his house. He sleeps very little. He is consumed in sadness. In America he would be part of the Prozac Nation.

Azdin’s mother finally broke out in anger. He does not share the words she hurled,only that his heart is broken. He is abandoned by his family. He is alone. He looks to me as his only true friend as I have spent days reading his thoughts and responding with kindness and blessings. It has only been three days and this is when I know. Boundary Issues!! The red flags wave.

Red Flags, in the past, have taken me time to recognize. I still think most people that I meet are good, even if misguided. Some people are predators and my instincts have not always been strong.

I make no judgement on Azdin. May all of Us pursue. With Passion.

He no longer contacts me.