katecolburn I am an attorney turning back home to being an actor and a writer.

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When Is It Time to Stop Changing

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Settle down.  Those are the two words. Settle down.

Many settle early with childbirth, and a marriage that follows.  A self made frame  to feed and house.

Some settle after higher education and careers established. Holding off the settling until they are secure in the corporate scheme, self made business or capital venture.  Self security first.  The safety net before you settle down.

Settle Down!  When someone perceives my emotions run too high.

I settle down on a yoga matt.  I settle down watching a red tail hawk spin overhead. I settle down in the joy of having honey bees in our clover patch.  I settle down with fireflies at night. Caught in a moment of writing, acting, loving…I settle down.


Author: katecolburn

Born and raised in the desert of Arizona, I moved to New York City in my 20's to pursue acting. I have a B.A. in Theater from Arizona State University. Life took me down to Florida where I enrolled in the Masters of Film Production Program at the University of Miami. Then I accomplished my Law Degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Law School. I practice Family Law and subsequently became a Judicial Magistrate handling Small Court Claims and Criminal Matters. Now I am back to New York City and the Paris of the Piedmont, Carrboro NC - acting, writing and loving improv!

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